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once upon a time in…childhood…

Posted by on Jul 6, 2008

childhooddo you remember your childhood? do you remember how you used to play with dolls or little cars, robots? cuz i remember doing this kind of things with my brother…and those times will never come back…and we are all going to miss them a lot. but maybe some of us will have the chance to live again that experience, playing with their own child.

later, after you finished your game with your barbie or with your lego, you try to define your personality. and so you start:

– wearing many types of clothing to find out what`s your style, what fits you best;

-papering your room with your favorite band(s)/singer(s) posters;

-gathering a gang or joining one, which you consider “the coolest”.

i`ve been through that… less the last part…

and then comes the final: starting your way in life, leaving your childhood behind. i think i tried to do it today… and i hope i failed, because i don`t want to lose every memory which makes me laugh sometimes; but today i threw at garbage my kid-life. i used to have my room papered but all the posters are now in the brown container where is written “paper and cardboard”. i wasn`t ready for this ending… it came so suddenly i didn`t know how to do it… would you be ready for a similar one? i know i might have written bullshit. but this is who and how i am… deal with it! :)

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e mai usor…

Posted by on Jul 2, 2008


nu m-am gandit niciodata ca rabdarea te ajuta sa treci peste atat de multe si nici ca eu as putea detine vreodata atat de multa. intalnesti persoane care speri sa schimbe ceva in viata ta si iti spui ca le induri pe toate, cand stii ca la capatul rabdarii ti se va implini dorinta si vei avea ce-ti doresti. dar nu-ti imaginzi cat de greu poate fi uneori sa incerci atatea rute ocolitoare. de ce sa nu spui din prima ce simti? de ce sa nu-ti iei inima in dinti si sa impartasesti si altora gandurile tale? e foarte greu sa stai si sa astepti un lucru pe care  ti-l doresti enorm. dar e si mai greu sa renunti a-l mai astepta, cand stii ca e tot ce ti-ai putea dori vreodata.

si poate e mai usor poate sa astepti ceva, cand stii ca nu esti singur la rand. e mai usor sa nu te inchizi in tine. e mai usor sa ai prieteni si sa fii sigur ca nu esti singur atunci cand te simti intr-adevar singur. si e mai usor sa astepti razand, mai usor trece timpul. ce-i drept, e usor sa spui (scrii) toate astea…dar ce e in interior numai cel calm si cu rabdare poate sti…

“si-mi esti drag…imi esti totuna…”

dar in final, cu ce te alegi? rabdarea ta…mai are limite?

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