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The Right One

Posted by on Oct 2, 2017

We’re always searching for the right – the right shoes, the right lipstick, the right color for our curtains, the right path…

Not knowing that we are the right, the enough, the one – the only one that can do something (anything) for this world.

Love is always on our side, because we simply are love – the main element we’re made of. We must always give it away freely, happily, let others heal with it, build empires up to the skies, safe in the knowledge that it will always, ALWAYS, no matter what, come back to us in unimaginable ways.

My love is here and now to roam the world and fill it with peace and understanding – because this is the least I can do, but it is the only thing that depends on me.

The ways of love are mysterious, but not unknown to those who practice soul-deep loving. (Daniel Nielsen)

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