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i’m done

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013

i met some wonderful people lately and we are in similar situations, feeling disappointed and discouraged by people. this post is for them…

i_....._you.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0 i told you from the start that you won’t bring anything new in my life and yet you felt offended.

i told you i only want you to want me and think of me from time to time… but i lied, because i wanted much, much more than that, i just didn’t know it at that time.

i was cursed, blamed and spitted way back, but the way you treated me felt much worse. you wanted me badly and not really. i get it and not really. you told me i will get out of this unruffled and you lied. i guess we’re even now: i lied at first, you lied at last and in between.

you have no idea who i am, what i want, but still you pretend like you care and know things about me. yet you don’t like anything about me: not the way i touch, the way i speak, my eyes, my hair, nor the way i look at you and least of all the way i smile. but you had a criminal pleasure of going under my skin and making me believe i was the only one you wanted.

it’s funny how your demons played with my fire and yet my flame got burned more than your gamers.

and i was right, as always… you didn’t bring anything new in my life. i never knew happiness, not before and not with you. i never knew the love from the movies and neither have i known the beautiful words and the nights full of love shared with her/them. but all of these make sense now… and what goes around, comes around.

now i am about to learn happiness. maybe at the end of this week, maybe at the end of this month, maybe at the end of this year, but for sure i will before the end of my life. now i understand that you have no right and no place to be in my life.

and you are not my reason to smile, anymore :) because i gave up on you.

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