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tipa cu pantofii galbeni

summer just wasn`t my season…

Posted by on Aug 29, 2008


i`m too giddy to settle down. and maybe i`m too calm to do anything “fancy”. but i`m not perfect and i doubt anybody is. i accept everyone because i know we all have good and bad sides and i think it`s important to see the persons which surround you for what they really are, not for what others say they are.

i shrug every time someone asks me “how come you don`t have a boyfriend?”

well… maybe i`m too fastidious, maybe i didn`t find yet the “right guy” (if there is any) and maybe i`m waiting for my “charming prince riding a white horse”; it`s quite difficult to answer. ..

but until i find the answer (or the prince) which makes my heart strum, i`m trimming my days with blue, black and white flowers and ribbons, i`m dancing and spinning round with pathos and i`m looking up at the moon every night because he said so and he is looking, too… i know he likes the night, the moon, the stars

“and i feel i can make it in front of the crowd, cause these words are my diary, screamin` out loud and i know that you`ll use them however you want to…”

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